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  • Max time sensor can be on

    I have homeseer 2.2 en homevision plug in
    I use movement sensor as digital input on the homevision board.
    I use the setup of mcsmovement --> managed Devices

    Is it possible to set the time

    "Max timeSensor Can be On"

    Under 1 Mins ?

    When I set 1
    The sensor always stays ON for 1 minute in homeseer.

    When I set 0
    The sensor always stays on in homeseer

    I tryed 0.1 but ..... sensor stays on.

    Is there a solution? I want that the sensor goes off after 10-15 seconds


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    I added the option for the user to select mins vs secs for the managed devices with V1.12.0. It is a global setting on the first setup tab so it will change all the managed devices. It is at

    The downside to this is that the plugin will look every second vs. every minute at each managed device to see if a timing-based status change is needed.