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Shutting down Guardian Angel

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    Shutting down Guardian Angel

    I am trying out Guardian Angel and unless I'm mistaken, it will restart Homeseer after the timeout for the pulse file update, even if I have shut it down myself on purpose, like troubleshoooting something.

    Is there a way to kill the Guardian Angel process so if I manually shut down Homeseer, Guardian Angel will NOT try to re-start it?

    I'm thinking of starting Guardian Angel up in my Homeseer startup.txt file and shutting it down in my shutdown.txt file. That way if Homeseer is shut down through 'normal' channels, Guardian Angel won't re-start it.
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    It has been a long time since I looked at it, but I think the only way to shut it down is via Task Manager. You do not want to put it in your startup.txt file because you could end up with multiple copies running is HS is restarted. Put it in the Windows startup folder.