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  • mcsMenu Updates

    mcsMenu is available via the updater. The interim/most current versions will be posted here

    ID Version Description
    -- ------- -----------
    PR 1 1.0.1 Config X10/IO/IR menus non-functional after HS restart
    PR 2 1.1.0 HS Plugin SDK update to remove and name change menus

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    mcsMenu has been updated to support the latest features of the Homeseer SDK. In particular it is now possible to change the name shown on the menu bar for mcsMenu / mcsFavorites. It is also possible to remove plugin menus automatically even if the plugin author did not provide a mechanism by which to prevent menu generation.

    Both the Updater and the top of this thread have the updates.


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      Hey Mike, could you give some screen shots please. I think I remember seeing some in the past but can't seem to find any. Thanks.


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        There are screen shots in the manual that is downloaded from the updater. Here it is also. Note that this is only HS1. There were just too many problems to try to make it HS2 when I was doing the Alpha testing.
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          HS1 huh, OK, thanks anyways.

          (Guess I should have read the date on the last post.)
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