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mcsDeviceGrid Updates

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    mcsDeviceGrid Updates

    ID Version Description
    --- -----------
    PR1 1.0.2 InitHW line 90 error
    PR2 1.0.1 Settings not saved
    PR3 1.1.0 Compatibility with HS2
    PR4 1.1.1 HS2 needs modal forms
    ----------- Above in Updater --------------
    PR5 1.1.3 Overlflow in WriteJavaScript
    PR6 1.1.4 Delays when devices are added or properties changed
    ----------- Above in Updater --------------
    PR7 1.2.0 Setup form hidden behind HS appears to lock up HS/Setup moved to browser
    ------ above in updater -----------
    PR8 1.2.1 Add error line number feedback in ProcessASP
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    Last edited by Michael McSharry; May 3, 2007, 09:45 AM.

    mcsDeviceGrid has been updated in V1.1.4 to not automatically update the device name and location information whenever it changes. Now it will put a notification in the title of the web page and provide a button to perform this action on the setup page. A restart of HS will also result in an update of this information.

    For most situations a device refresh is not needed unless new devices have been added and the user is trying to see their status via mcsDeviceGrid. The unchanged devices will still display the correct status information.

    This change was made due to the delays that resulted in the HS2 callbacks to the plugin whenever a device was added/deleted or a property of the device was changed.


      Homeseer upgrade-now wont work

      I love using the Device Grid, It helps me when it is time to set up a new module. I did the upgrade yesterday on the grid and homeseer. Now the grid is not working. If I click on the grid setup screen my homeseer computer will lock up. The grid is not even updating. Not sure on what to do next. Great program and thumbs up, but now a problem with the upgrade.



        The form hides behind the HS page and until the form is closed HS will appear to be locked up. I dealt with this by moving the setup to the browser. The update is posted above as V1.2.0



          I've just installed this but cannot get it to work - I get these errors:

          <TABLE cellSpacing=2 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=LOGDateTime0 noWrap align=left>09/07/2006 20:05:36 </TD><TD class=LOGType0 align=left colSpan=3>Web Server Error 404 </TD><TD class=LOGEntry0 align=left colSpan=8>Cannot serve file: F:\HomeSeer 2\html\mcsDeviceGrid/mcsDeviceGrid.asp</TD></TR><TR><TD class=LOGDateTime1 noWrap align=left>09/07/2006 20:05:37 </TD><TD class=LOGType1 align=left colSpan=3>Error </TD><TD class=LOGEntry1 align=left colSpan=8>Running script: File not found: F:\HomeSeer 2\html\mcsDeviceGrid/mcsDeviceGrid.asp</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

          There was no .asp file in the zip - just the ocx.

          Have I missed something?


            I believe you install this from the updater then overwrite with the message board zip file.


              Thanks, works a treat now - very useful too, much easier than using "Locations - All" and "Show All" options then scrolling the page up and down looking for free slots