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A few questions on Temperature & Sprinklers

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  • A few questions on Temperature & Sprinklers

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    Found the mcsTemp manual referenced at this address. It's dated Dec 2007.


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      1) If I buy the sprinklers standard version and want to upgrade to pro later, can I? Is it just the price difference? Would I use the updater or something else?
      HST does not want to deal with upgrades, but you can do it via for $70 and then a new license would be made available to you.
      2) Must the 8 relay paths of a rain8 be used only for irrigation? For example if I wanted to use 3 of the 8 outputs for HS to directly activate 24VAC lights or pool valve rotators (within the 1A relay contact rating) while the other 5 outputs are used for irrigation, would mcsSprinklers have a conflict or problem with that?
      I know this has been done in the past. If I recall you only define the valves that you want to belong to irrigation in the Wiring Page. mcsSprinklers will define 8 HS devices per Rain8 module and you can control non-irrigation ones using the standard HS UI, event or script. mcsSprinklers will control the hardware. Be careful you have compatible hardware. I believe the standard Rain8 is a triac while the Relay8 is dry contact. Both have the same RS232 protocol so I think they can both be used, but I'm not certain on the physical connections if mixed.
      3) Does mcsSprinklers share any information or get additional features if you also have mcsTemperature (or vise versa)?
      The two are independent. You can use the mcsSprinklers devices for mcsTemperature trend charts. You can use mcsTemperature sensors as mcsSprinklers sensors. This same relationship exists between these and any other HS plugins.
      UV is the most commonly used one since it is available via internet. Solar Radiation is only included with mcsSprinklers to support historical data for those that have a weather station such as Vantage Pro. Normally if Solar Radiation is available the source will also have ET which is the preferred. Solar is the poor mans version of measuring solar intensity. It is two temperature sensors where one is in the shade and one is in direct exposure and the delta will reflect the solar intensity. mcsSprinklers estimates the solar intensity from this as part of its ET calculation
      You can mix and match anything you want. "Master" terminology is ambiguous so I may not be answering the question you are asking. If you want two masters for RS-232 then you need the PRO version. UPB and X10 are controlled through a single interface each. With the shared powerline you likely do not need multiple masters.
      6) Where can I find the manual for mcsTemperatue for detailed info? Does not appear in the updater.
      Yes it is old, but I lost my rewrite and not motivated to do it again.


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        Thanks for responding Michael. I think I'll go with the pro version.

        I've been looking at the differences of the Rain8 vs Relay8. Both could do what I need. The Rain8 is cheaper, and only needs a 24VAC source while the Relay8 needs 24VAC and 12VDC. However the Relay8 will handle 1A through it's SPDT relays (dry contacts), while the Rain8 will only handle 0.5A through it's 24VAC on/off Triac outputs (1k min load). All my non irrigation functions will require interface relays anyway, so I'll use the Rain8 and buy interface relays with a 24VAC activation coil.

        Regarding the UV. I was thinking of using the Oregon UVR128 sensor which seems to output a number between 1 and 5 indicating UV intensity. Will this work with both programs? Am I better sticking to Internet data for sprinklers?

        Regarding the use of two Rain8-X10-2s. They will each be located at opposite ends of my property and each have their own TW523. Just confirming this scenario works, which it sounds like it does.
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