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    Lately... (last few weeks).. i've been getting some errors in my log for MCSMovement..

    Last night it was:

    <table width="100%" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="2"><tbody><tr><td class="LOGDateTime1" align="left" nowrap="nowrap">7/6/2009 1:06:00 AM </td> <td class="LOGType1" colspan="3" align="left">mcsMovement </td> <td class="LOGEntry1" colspan="8" align="left">StatusChange on line 30 Out of stack space</td></tr></tbody></table>

    The other error i seem to get is about callback #4 and Commandtimer... (sorry i didn't get it copied).

    Most times it doesn't affect the system at all.. everything works....

    Occaisionally.. (about a week ago was the last time..).. i get constant errors that seem to brng system to a crawl... a restart of homeseer takes care of it..

    Since the last time was in the middle of the night... i was not in a position to copy the errors from the log... I just rebooted... (i noticed when i went to the Bathroom in the dark at 2:00 in the morning)..

    I'll try to grab the errors next time.. but is there anthing else i can provide to make debugging this easier?


    Andrew B.

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    you should be able to browse to your log file in the HomeSeer 2 directory, it may be in a subfolder called logs, depending on how you have it set up. just look for a txt file that has log in the title.
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      There is a debug option checkbox under miscellaneous optioins which typically puts data in a .txt file in the \Data subfolder. mcsMovement is pretty old so the convention at that time may have been to put it in the HS log and that will be a bother as it could get pretty large.


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        attached file is when the log went "kabloie"..

        not sure if it tells you much..

        I'll turn debug on sometime in next couple days.. and let it run for a while.

        Thanks for any help you can give.
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        Andrew B.


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          Dont know what all is happening, but on the surface the messages are from HS indicating that it called mcsMovement, but normal exchange did not happen. It tried it with a number of different type of callbacks.