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                ' connect to HS so it can register a callback to us
                callback = callback
                hs = host
                ' connect to HS so it can register a callback to us
                host.Connect(PLUGIN_NAME, "")
    What I would look for in the log is the very first time after a restart that a message comes about mcsXap that may provide a clue as to why HS3 is on longer connected. At this point in the log it looks like there has been 18 unanswered requests to update devices.

    There is also a trace file that is generated when mcsXap debug is enabled located in \Data\mcsXapHS3_EventTrace.txt. I doubt it will contain information since the trace is usually associated with how mcsXap processes an xAP message and is not trying to understand when the connection from HS3 is lost. No harm in trying, however.


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        First step is to see what specific line is being executed when the error occurs. The attached is the latest plugin augmented with line number information in the offending module. Use this and report the same type log information as prior post

        I also took a guess at just restarting the plugin when the error occurs. It is at
        This one contains both the line number info and restart rater than continue response to error.
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            Provisions added to deal with this at

            Not certain for the root cause, but mcsXap puts each HS3 event callback in a queue and then pulls them off the queue in sequence. When it attempts to pull it off and see what type of event it was the error is raised. Now when the error occurs it removes items from the queue and does not report any errors. You need to be sensitive that changes in HS devices may no longer be communicated via xAP if the source of the issue persists. If you see this happens then use the restart version I posted.


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              I do notice in the original log messages posted that there are xAP parameter names that have erroneous spaces

              e.g. sourc e T ext O FF

              That may be just a concatenation nuance of the log but thought I'd mention it.