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MCSXap issue with HS3 upgrade

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  • MCSXap issue with HS3 upgrade

    Hi All (and hopefully Michael)

    I am using MCSxap with HS2 currently, and it has been working for over 5 years without any issue, inputting 1wire and some raspberry pi GPIO pin statuses into HS.

    I want to upgrade to HS3 with the current offer, and want to make sure that everything works correctly.

    I have cloned my current windows 7 image, and installed HS3 demo version and the latest version of XAP plugin that I can find (V3.0.0.62/ Copyright 2012-2016 mcsSolutions)

    I am using the same XPL-HUB and can see activity of sensors on my LAN.

    However, I can only see a couple of sensors reported into HS3.
    Maybe it is the way i set up the original 1wire network - but the UID above and below seems to be the same for all sensors...

    Its the same on my HS2 install as well (this is across multiple XAP senders) - but i am getting the the data though into HS with no issues....
    Is there anything obvious I am doing wrong?

    Thanks anyone for any help or pointers!


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    There is nothing in particular that I see issue with your setup. I have been working with mcsXap until Linux and see I have made some updates with version .66. I uploaded this version to assure you have the latest available

    A couple notes that may help. HS3 eliminated the DeviceStatus (was used for xap state=on/off). For HS3 if you want both the state and the text/level of a device then you will need to have two HS3 devices to represent both. Normally, you should need only state or text/level so only one HS3 device for a xAP message.

    xFx xAP Message Viewer is a valuable tool to observe the traffic on the xAP traffic on LAN. If xAP Message Viewer does not see your 1-wire messages then mcsXap will also not be able to see them.

    On Linux I use a .Net hub that runs in a console window. It will also run the same under Windows. It is at On Windows I continue to use the same xpl-xap hub as you seem to be using, but this gives you another option.

    When mcsXap does see a xAP message and you Accept it to be a HS3 device, it will not become a device until the next time the xAP message is put on the LAN.

    I have run HS3 with mcsXap under W7, W10 and Linux/Debian. I am not aware of any dependencies that would limit operation on other OSs.

    Do look at the HS3 Log to see if mcsXap is providing any error messages. There is also a debug option in the mcsXap setup to explore in more detail.


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      Thanks Michael for your help.

      I have used xFx viewer and can see messages on both instances, at the same time.

      Both xfx viewers are showing that the UID is the same on the messages, and i think this is why i am not seeing the data in the HS3 plugin.

      Is there any difference in the HS2 and HS3 plugin that would allow or not allow data to come from identical CID sensors?

      I am using the xpl-perl module from Bnz in my linux enviroment, and run this script to send the data :-

      export XPL_HOSTNAME=onewire

      while true; do
      sleep 60
      X=$(ls 1wire/28*/temperature); for f in $X; do d=$(dirname $f); `xpl-sender -c osd.basic command=clear $d=$(head -c 4 $f)`; done


      This puts data in HS2 via your plugin, but not in HS3 via your plug in.

      As i say, the CID is the same in HS2 - and reported in xFx viewer - could this be the issue?

      I have attached screenshots of the HS3 xFx viewer..

      Any ideas?


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        It looks to me as if this is an XPL and not an XAP message. I can only see the start of the message from the xAP Message Viewer, but XAP messages have group headers. If you can show a full message then I can confirm. There is also debug option available in xAP plugin that I think routes info the HS3 log. I do not recall what is contained in the debug with respect to message recognition, but it may help. The debug is a setting in plugin UI.