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Possibility to eliminate the max value / on-status from an output block ?

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    Possibility to eliminate the max value / on-status from an output block ?

    Hi Michael,

    First off, thank you very much for a great plugin, it'll allow me to combine the best of both worlds with HS3 and my older 1-Wire system.

    Is there a way to eliminate the max value / on-status (highlighted in red below) from the xAP message ?
    I'd like to feed HS data to my 1-Wire system which logs data to an SQL database and I can't parse it out before sending it to the database.

    Many Thanks,

    // mrM

    <message protocol="xap" v="1.3" class="">
    <head name="xap-header">
    <source>mcs.xaphs3.lynx:master_bathroom_temperature_q11.mcsx ap_temp_001a.z-wave_temperature</source>
    <block name="output.state">
    <item name="state">On</item>
    <item name="level">67.9/2147483647</item>

    Does the following from the manual help? It looks like your HS device is setup like a thermostat where this is the temperature to which the thermostat is set. If it is just a sensor then it should be a status only device (look at Device Management). If status only the content should be text=67.9. If this does not do it for you then we can pursue other alternatives.

    Devices that have Value/Status pair definitions that include a range such as a dimmable device then the xAP message will include Level= , otherwise only the State= line will be included. Devices that are status only devices will include the Text= line in the xAP message. State=ON/OFF is based upon the non-zero/zero DeviceValue, In all cases DisplayText= is included if the DeviceString is not blank


      Thank you !

      Worst case I can parse it out in the SQL query so it's not a showstopper, but it would be cleaner/easier if it wasn't there in the first place.

      I did see that section in the manual, and figured it might have to do with the device-type but I don't think I can change that - or can I ?

      It's an Z-Wave Aeon Labs (Aeotec) Multi Sensor (the 6-in-1)
      Device Type Internal Plug-In API, Type: Plug-In Root Device, SubType: Multilevel Sensor

      Reference ID 26
      Technology Address CEExxxxx-Q11
      Status 65.9 = Dim
      Value 65.9 = "65.9 F"
      Supports Status True
      Dimmable False
      Interface Z-Wave
      Extra Data Store 39 Named entries, 0 UnNamed entries.
      Device Type Internal Plug-In API, Type: Plug-In Type 0, SubType: Temperature
      Device Type (String)
      Misc Settings Show Values, SET_DOES_NOT_CHANGE_LAST_CHANGE
      Device Image File images\Devices\Image-Not-Selected.png
      Thumbnail Image File images\Devices\Image-Not-Selected_small.png
      Relationship Status Child
      Associated Devices 2nd Floor Master Bathroom MULTI - Bathroom
      Scale Display Text F

      I'm unable to set it to an status-only device (grayed out)
      Status Only Device:
      Is Dimmable:
      Is Light:
      Hide device from mobile views:
      Hide device from views:
      Do not log commands from this device:
      Voice command:
      Confirm voice command:
      Include in power fail recovery:
      Use pop-up dialog for control:
      Do not update device last change time
      if device value does not change:


        The configuration tab of Device Management page has the checkbox for Status Only, but this property is owned by the Zwave plugin and is not a user setting unless it can be setup on the config page for this sensor. I am not familiar with its setup, but I do not see why it is configured to be a device that can be controlled since it is only a set of sensors.

        I have source for on my travel laptop and made a version by forcing text rather than level. This should give you want you want. It is at I dont have a means to test it, but pretty simple change. What this will not have are the updates made since that is in the updater, but it may not make any difference for you. When I get back next week I do something similiar with current source. Process Message error suppression HS3 change events not being delivered via xAP Allow generic Weather.Report for group identifier in Weather.Report Class Database save error messages when plugin shuts down Linux-based updates DeviceValue updated to read Double rather than Integer value


          Sweet, that did the trick, thank you very much !

          I would like a .69 based version when you get a chance to get the double (non rounded) values.

          Thanks again!