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motion sensor with ds2406

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  • motion sensor with ds2406

    I want to realize a mounting base for ds2406 to detect movement by a PIR sensor has already assembled.
    This sounds a detection sensor output voltage of 3.3 V
    without detection voltage is 0V.
    How can I realize the mount ?

    thank you

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    mcsXap1Wire is designed to be a general purpose interface for 1-wire. This means it is not good for event detection such as I suspect you are trying to do.

    1-wire technology has ability to recognize events such as would be raised by DS2406 but that requires a specific setup to support it. The setup provided by xapmcs1wire is one based upon polling at some set of rates. If you do not care that the motion event is recognized several seconds or minutes later then you can go this route.

    RF technology such as with use of W800 or RFXCCOM is oriented to event detection. This is supported with xapmcsRF


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      Ok michael perfectly undertanded!

      A question:ds2406 support activity.
      This can be reset to detect an activity either than long polling.

      Hox listen activity with your plugin and take it a t zero after?

      Thank you!


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        I believe Mitch has provided some capabilities of this nature with Temp08. I would suggest checking with him. I have not done what you are trying to do so I am not a good person for advice.