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Plugin. What information does it support?

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  • Plugin. What information does it support?

    Hi MCS, does your plugin use RegisterStatusChangeCB or RegisterEventCB?

    The reason why I ask is I'm trying to link a node.js server with Homeseer. I can easily call into the RegisterStatusChangeCB but cannot call EventCB without creating a plugin (which is way beyond my VB knowledge). Unfortunately, I'd like a little more information that what StatusChange shows me.

    I could whip up a node.js xAP client easily enough if your plugin sends more information than what I currently have available to me.

    Any insight you can shed on this would be excellent.

    P.S. to anyone out there who knows VB and HS plugins. Anyone feel like whipping up a simple plugin that registers EventCB and then calls an external VB script with the parms?

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    The methods you are referencing are scripting API. The plugin API has a hsEvent callback but it has similar level of information. The xap Plugin uses this and reports every event via xAP message if the user elects to use the Homeseer.Event schema. This is only for HS1 and HS2. I did not extend it into HS3.