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Latest version of HS2 plug-in?

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    Latest version of HS2 plug-in?

    I am setting out to install xAP on both HS2 and HS3 running at the same time on a PRO100.

    I found the sticky with the latest HS3 version (30023) in the library.

    What is the latest version for HS2? I found version 30016 on the mcssprinklers web site. In the past Michael has said to use the one in the library but I can't find it.

    Michael, it would be great if you could post a sticky in the library with the latest HS2 version.

    Thx -- greg

    It is the 8th item in the xAP Library as the first post in that thread. There are various versions that are available with the current being the one you want. It is the same one that should be available at


      OK thanks.

      Should version 30023 work for HS2 or is it only for HS3?


        Latest version of HS2 plug-in?

        Ver is for HS3 only.

        Steve Q

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          That is what I thought. It's very confusing isn't it. Xap has a bit of a steep learning curve. It doesn't help newbies if they have to also deal with this confusion.

          It would be nice if it had a different name. Something simple like mcsXap3 for HS3 and and mcsXap2 for HS2 or something like that. Or, maybe the intent is to eventually make one version that will work for both? That would be ideal. In the meantime it would help if the table of versions also included what the version is intended for ie. HS2 or HS3.

          Anyway, this xAP plug-in is a great tool to use to connect HS2 and HS3 together.