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  • mcsxAP question

    I have been using mcstemp plugin for 10 years and have been very happy with it. As it won't be migrated to HS3 I have to start using mcsxAPdatabase plugin instead. I looked at it in the HS update (for HS2) but couldn't find any info regarding pricing. It's not quite clear to me whether xAP plugins are free or not.

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    All of the mcs xAP applications are free. They do not exists in the HS updater, but in the xAP Library at They are similar to HS3 remote applications as they can (and should) be installed at a location different than HS. This could be a different folder on the same computer or a different computer on the LAN. Each xAP application should be installed in its own folder as there are cases where the same filename is used for support files and you do not want them to be overwrittern.

    You also have the option of continuing to use HS2 for mcsTemperature and whatever other applications will not migrate. Jon00 has a HS2-HS3 connector or the two can be connected together with xAP.


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      Hi Michael,

      OK, many thanks for the info. I haven't yet started the migration project from HS2 to HS3 but will start most likely in the near future (after I have finished my HSTOuch project for my new IPad). I am not planning to run HS2 any more once HS3 is working.

      I have donwloaded the manuals for the xAP stuff so I have to figure out how to populate my old mcsTemp database.