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    I have been using your Xap applications for a while now and have really started to understand the usefulness of XAP.

    I think now I would like to dabble a bit into making my own xap applications, I don't have an application in mind yet, but would like to get started understanding how to make the xap magic happen.

    I ran across a reference to Edward Pearson's xFx VB.NET Framework. Are you familiar with it? I was looking for a download site and some examples of using the framework. Do you know of any active forums or download sites to get any of that kind of xap information?

    The XAP Automation website does not appear to be very active.

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    There are four encapsulations from that I am aware. The oldest is from a unix implementation from Patrick Lidstone. James from MI4 did one as an .ocx for VB6. Stuart did a C# .NET 1.1 framework and then Ed took it and ported it to .NET 2 under the name xFx.

    You often see Kevin (CoachPotatoe) contributing to the xAP threads on this message board. I know he is involved in other xAP pursuits beyond those covered under France and England appear to be the locus of xAP users. There is a user group that communicates via subscription (free) services rather than a message board or web sites. I think it was Yahoo Groups with one for users and one for developers, but not certain. That is likely why casual searches appear to be inactive. I do agree, however, that there have not been the number of new applications in recent years as there was in the prior decade. The last new development I was aware is the xAP Flash which I believe is like Main Lobby with xAP as the IO mechanism. There is also a xPL branch that is compatible and a degree of interop exists. Some philosophical differences resulted in the divergence.

    I tried to learn .NET and xAP using Stuart's framework, but it was too much to go from VB6 to C#, learn socket programming and xAP in one leap. I took a more incremental learning path that did not use any of the other contributions after I outgrew Patrick's xap.ocx. You are welcome to the source for one of my xAP applications, but it will not be as elegant or well documented as Edward's xFx.


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      Thanks for all that very informative information.

      I am not much of a programmer. I have 8-10 scripts written in No plug-ins yet, but I am just starting to play with the HS SDK example plugins.

      For general scripts I use VB express as my IDE and for HS specific scripts I use Ed Tenholder's tenscripting environment in VB express.

      I say all of that to say that all I really know is so I would like to stay with vb.

      I downloaded the xFX Framework from Edward's site but there is very little, if any, documentation in the framework. I will try to contact Edward Pearson to see if any documentation or examples exists. I would like to pursue that route first. Then if it turns into a dead end I might take you up on your offer of peaking at one of your source files.

      Thanks again


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        Well it looks like I have run into a dead end as far as trying to get information on the xFx framework. I got a response from Kevin who suggested I contact Edward Pearson. I have not received anything from Edward.

        So, if the offer still stands, I would like to see an example of one of you xap applications.



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          send me an email at mcsSolutions at CenturyTel dot net and I will replay with one.