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PagePut error in HS3 MCSXAP

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    PagePut error in HS3 MCSXAP

    In testing the plug in I frequently get an error when I try to save updates to my xap configuration (typically I'm trying to accept variables). The specific error is 'Error finding plugin in PagePut: Object reference not set to an instance of an object'.

    Once I get this error HS3 is unusable, requiring me to kill the mcsxap process to even allow homeseer to shut down.

    Attached is my db file from hs3 install if you'd like to try to figure out what may be hanging it.
    Attached Files

    A quick update: I updated to and hs3 and am still getting the error when I try to make updates


      An additional update to this using

      I've deleted all existing data and have no accepted variables. I'm watching the initial creation during discovery. While Homeseer 3 is running I can see the journal file created/removed repeatedly and the mcsxap.db is getting populated. However after I shut down Homeseer after running 5 min I have a 4 mb mcsXap_eventtrace file full of the error:

      SQLite error (5): database is locked.

      I dont have anything critical on this system yet - any suggestions for narrowing down the issue?