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Trouble setting up MCSxAP, HS3 and an Ocelot

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    So it's the Ocelot causing the extra '0' xAP message? I would not have guessed that in a million years ..

    I run my HVAC with the Ocelot (and ADI modules), and ADI stuff is very stable and 99% reliable after 14 years. Setbacks for the system were triggered with HS2 scripts, but the Ocelot would know when HS went away and keep basic settings. I need system integrity with my HVAC.

    I am migrating to HS3 and Win7 on a new machine (the old XP machine is timing out as MS is stopping support).

    If it is the Ocelot triggering the extra '0' (and then being reported via xAPmcsAdiOcelot), and my code in C-max that triggers on a value of 0 never trips, maybe this is a non-issue? (I am and always will be and newbie/amateur at this, so am am guessing / looking for conformation)

    I'll try using two Ocelot vars, and separate the functions of knowing a reboot in the Ocelot has occurred and handshaking with HS3.

    'preciate your help

    PS. my HVAC is still running on HS2 and an ADI Leopard (system integrity and all), all I currently have in my new HS3 machine's C-max program connected to the Ocelot is..

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      I am not declaring I know your root cause of the zero. What I do suggest is that the logs be generated to observe the serial traffic from the Ocelot and see if there is something there that explains the situation. Using a second variable may or may not make a difference depending upon why the 0 exists.


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        Cmax modified variables not updated in HS3

        Pete, I'm glad to see someone else doing HVAC with HS, and Ocelot.
        My HS2Pro system has been running for 9 years with Main Lobby as the UI.

        Now trying to upgrade to HS3 and ML 4.

        Micheal, Ocelot variables that are modified by the program, do not get updated in HS3 using mcsXAP plugin, hub and xapmcsADIOcelot. Everything works fine upto getting the status change into HS3. I also posted a more detailed thread on the XAP board.