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mcsxap not getting Ocelot variable status

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  • mcsxap not getting Ocelot variable status

    Running HS3, xapHub, mcsxap plugin, xapmcsADIOcelot service and connected to an Ocelot via USB/Com 1.

    Have a simple program that checks when variable 0 gets set to 1 or reset to 0 and sets variable 3 to 100 or 0 respectively.

    In HS 3 when I set the device 6 (variable 0) ON, the light switches on, the command is passed to the Ocelot as witnessed directly on the Ocelot and the Variable 3 is set to 100 as witnessed both in the Ocelot and the xapmcsADIOcelot browser but it is not reflected in HS. On the xFx viewer 4, I see the outgoing command but no incoming messages for status. So either xapmcsADIOcelot is not reporting the status, or mcsxap plugin is not asking.

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    Generally mcsXap does not ask for information, but it does provide a button to query BSC.
    Changes that occur with Ocelot are reflected on the xapmcsADIOcelot browser page and if it has been "A"ccepted on the browser page then it should also be transmitted via xAP. The transmit logic looks for a change and will send xapbsc with text=xxx where xxx is the new value of the variable.

    Confirm that you have "A"ccept checkbox on your 0/100 variable checked. You can also use the xapbsc query button with a wildcard such a mcs.Adiocelot.*:> to confirm you see the 0/100 variable with xAP Message Viewer.