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"Last Change" incorrect with MCSxAP devices? (Netiom)

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    "Last Change" incorrect with MCSxAP devices? (Netiom)

    Continued from post here

    If I set up the following event, then the last change updates every 10 minutes or so, even if the output state doesn't change. I suspect this is happening whenever the Netiom sends a full device refresh. This means that this event will not fire properly as the last change will never be > 20 minutes.

    If I delete the event, then the last change works properly.

    If I change the event to point to a different Netiom output, then the new output will update every 10 minutes while the old output then operates correctly.

    Can anyone replicate this?
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    mcsXap does not set the LastChange property when processing received data. It checks the received value vs. what is in HS and only sets it if different. Note the check for difference was added in June this year. I must have been working with somebody on a different issue as .46 is the current version with changes made about this date. I updated the change log to point to it. I did send email again to get this plugin included in the updater, but again no response.

                                                               If sValue.ToLower = "on" Then
                                                               ElseIf sValue.ToLower = "off" Then
                                                                      nValue =0.0 
                                                                ElseIf sValue.ToLower = "toggle" Then
                                                                If nValue <> hs.DeviceValue(iRef) Then '6/16/2014 invoke only changes
                                                                     hs.SetDeviceValueByRef(iRef, nValue, True)
                                                                End If
                                                                If sDisplayText <> hs.DeviceString(iRef) Then '6/16/2014 invoke only changes
                                                                        hs.SetDeviceString(iRef, sDisplayText, True)
                                                                  End If
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      Mike, thanks again! Trying .46 now.