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xapmcsWebcontrol with Windows 10

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  • xapmcsWebcontrol with Windows 10

    Anyone by chance using xapmcsWebcontrol with Windows 10? i'm upgrading everything related to homeseer (box, HS2 > HS3, etc.) and have not been able to get this application to run correctly on Windows 10 Pro. It runs, shows up in the tray, but I'm not able to look at status. Just pulls up browser and gives the standard "This page can't be displayed" with the http://localhost:8024/stat as the URL. I've tried changing localhost to, no joy.

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    Incidentally, I can ping the localhost so it's running


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      You need to run any application that uses computer resources (e.g. network server) with elevated privledges. (i.e. Run As Administrator as a right-click launch). You can setup this mode via shortcut (advanced button) as well so then it becomes a normal launch of the shortcut. Look for UAC settings to control the degree of notification you desire.


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        thanks for response, I had just figured out (honestly...) and was going to post...thanks for your contributions in general to homeseer and at some point soon i'll be upgrading the mcstemperature plugin...cheers


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          no upgrade for mcsTemperature. HS2 is the end of the road.


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            bummer, I just saw that as well. i'll have to find a workaround, thanks.