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Question about preserving decimal values in HS3

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  • Question about preserving decimal values in HS3


    Still working to migrate HS2 to HS3. I am used to getting tenths on all my 1wire temperature probes, it appears though that MCSXAP for HS3 is truncating (Value 112.4 = "112" ). Is there a setting to change this behavior?


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    There is no truncation that I am aware. I observe a 1-wire sensor delivered as 117.3 showing in the DeviceString and when I look at advanced tab of Device Management then I see Status 117.3 = Unknown, Value 117.3 = "117". I am a novice HS3 user, but I think HS3 is doing the truncation for certain situations so it can associate it with Device/Value/Graphic pairs for purpose of display. If you use DeviceValue or DeviceString then you should have the desired resolution. Note in HS2, the DeviceValue was truncated because it used integer rather than double as is not being used for HS3.


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      So I may have a different problem - same device on HS2 and HS3 - note the HS3 device has an empty string, different from HS2 - is that the issue ? How do I get that populated?
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        The DeviceString is populated with xxxxx from the xAP message DisplayText=xxxxx. If you are not including this optional element of xapbsc schema in your message then DeviceString will not change. DeviceValue is populated with xxxxx from Text=xxxxx or Level=xxxxx/yyyyy. If you are using xapmcs1wire there is an option near the bottom to include this key.


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          Not sure if this is related to your issue.

          In a recent HS3 update (not sure which version it happened) they changed something WRT device values.

          One of my plug-ins stores device values with 8 decimal places. When I was creating these devices I didn't create any VS pairs but nevertheless the device value and device string were populated properly with for example 1.23456789 and "1.23456789".

          Following a recent update of HS3, I noticed a problem where for the above example the DeviceValueEx function would return 1.23.

          The top and bottom of it is that a VS pair of type "Range" defining the decimal places now needs to be created for the device values to work properly.



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            Thanks - found the option that populates the string value - it is also adding some unreadable icons and 'deg F' - any way to skip these? I use the strings in HS Touch that is really space constrained. And are those icons the icons from xapmcs1wire?
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              For the record, once this is enabled, unchecking the box on xapmcs1wire will not clear out the strings set in homeseer - I wrote a quick script to do that

              Imports System.IO
              #include <cstdlib>
              Sub Main(ByVal parms As Object)

              Dim lastchange, recent, timediff, ref
              Dim dv As Scheduler.Classes.DeviceClass
              Dim EN As Scheduler.Classes.clsDeviceEnumeration
              en = hs.getdeviceenumerator
              recent = False
              Do While (Not EN.finished) And (Not recent)
              dv = EN.getnext
              If Not dv Is Nothing Then
              If dv.Location(hs) = "1wire" Then
              hs.setdevicestring (ref,"", True)
              End If
              End If
              End Sub


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                Values without formatting will be in DeviceValue so if you do not want the format use DeviceValue rather than DeviceString in HSTouch. Alternately you can run a script to populate another virtual device with the desired formatting you want for HSTouch.

                The icons from the \HTML folder in xapmcs1wire can be copied to the \HTML folder in HS3 and you should then see them rendered.


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                  I found the issue - it was the VSPair on the devices - they are getting created (by mcsxap?) with a status range that by default has 0 decimal places. I just have to change this - I knew it would be simple!
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