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xapmcs1Wire - 1 Wire (DS9097U / DS9490D) xAP Node

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  • Looks like I am still having problems running the XaP1Wire plugin on com13. But it works for a "few" days now versus just one or two days. I did record the following error in the event log when the plugin lost communications with the DS9097.

    "An Io Request to the device \Device\EdgeSer3 did not complete or canceled within the specific timeout. This can occur if the device driver does not set a cancel routine for a given IO request packet."

    I am using two Digi USB to Serial boxes (each with 8-ports). My serial communications on the HS server is utilizing Com ports 1-19 at this time. I have two other "free" com ports above 15 at this time. Noticed that the 1-Wire viewer/driver doesn't let me pick anything about COM15 at this time though. I am currently not having issues with the same plugin running concurrently on com port 2 and have left com port 1 free for testing at this time. Most likely will look at switching it with something else running at com port 3-8.
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