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xapmcsTemp0x - Temp05 v4, v5 / Temp08 1-Wire Interface xAP Node

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    xapmcsTemp0x - Temp05 v4, v5 / Temp08 1-Wire Interface xAP Node

    Component of mcsEnvrionment plugin to provide 1-Wire sensor data from Temp05 or Temp08 onto the xap network. Supports BSC 1.3 schema.

    Uses sensor identification conventions of mcsTempeature and mcsEnvironment.

    VB6 Version 1.x
    PR 1 1.1.0 Report BSC events on change rather than periodic BSC info
    PR 2 1.3.0 input.state & output.state changed to input.state.1 & output.state.1
    PR 3 1.3.0 Handle "M" and "P" in Temp08 DIS
    PR 4 1.3.0 Allow "L" to be lightning or water flow count
    PR 5 1.3.2 Fix "L" device type default for all DS2423 sensors
    PR 6 1.3.3 Unwildcarded BSC query and cmd not recognized
    PR 7 1.3.4 Humidity displaytext does not have HTML formatting
    PR 8 1.3.6 Add UI similiar to xapmcs1Wire
    PR 9 1.3.6 Add Temperature Discrete type
    PR10 1.3.8 Change index accounting
    PR11 1.3.9 Baro rate calculation gives object required error
    PR12 1.4.7 Add logic to manage a changing IP address
    PR13 1.4.7 Display Wind Direction icons as N.gif rather than 0.gif etc.

    .NET Version 2.x
    PR14 Initial .NET version
    PR15 Improve recovery of dropped IP connection
    PR16 Ignore Humidty/Baro reported as voltages
    PR17 IP/Serial connection that does not exists hangs program
    PR18 IWIO and related support update
    PR19 1.5 second delay in commands with space (e.g. TYP02 O)

    Console Version (Linux or Windows)
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    Temp05/08 and 1Wire xAP nodes reporting change

    Both the Temp05/08 and 1Wire xAP nodes now report changes of sensor values as xapbsc.event. Previously it was implemented as periodic reporting using The xapbsc.query is still available to obtain the current values of any or all sensors.


      UI Change and Temperature Discrete Support

      The user interface has been made consitent with xapmcs1wire UI where presence LEDs are added, Reject/Accept selections and reverse polarity for discretes. The Tempeature sensors now also support the newly added Temperature Discrete logic that was added recently to xapmcs1wire. Updates in V1.3.6