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xapmcsScript - Scripting xAP Node

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    xapmcsScript - Scripting xAP Node

    xapmcsScript is an xAP ActiveX exe application node that provides for a quick scripting interface to xAP messages. One instance is used for each computer on the LAN that will use scripting to communicate xAP messages.

    A scripting method is provided to send an xAP message and methods are provided to select xAP messages to be received for further script processing. ini file processing methods, and the hs-equivalent writelog, run and runex methods are also included as a convenience as these are often useful adjuncts to scripts.

    Two objects are provided. One is the Application object and the other is the XapMessage object. The first is the primary scripting interface. The second contains methods and properties to deal directly with message content fields of an xap message.

    The general flow of use is to first identify which, if any, xap messages are of interest to the script. This is done with the SelectXapMessage method. The selection filter allows
    Target , Source, Class, and Section components of an xAP message to be used. Source and Target comply with the wildcard rules of xAP addressing. A null entry for a filter field will result in this field being ignored. Zero or more filters can be specified. Each script will have its own set of filter definitions.

    xAP Message are sent using either the SendXapMessage or SendUDPMessage methods. SendXapMessage is the simplest method since the xap message format is constructed automatically. Most messages can be handled this way. SendUDPMessage expects and already-formed xap message. The XapMessage object provides facilities to simplify the contstruction of an xAP message. It also provides the methods to read individual fields of an xAP message.
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