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    xAP Setup Documentation

    The attached is a start at describing the setup of xAP operations focused on sensor data collection and charting. It also includes some information on the mcsXap plugin as an xAP interface for Homeseer.
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    Great stuff - thanks


    Thanks for the new doc. Very useful. I struggled for a long time to understand xap and homeseer (and thanks to your help and a few revisions of the mcsXAP plugin) I am getting well ahead now.

    This new doc has enlightened me in some areas and confirmed my understanding in others.

    great work,




      MCS xAP Installation Guide

      For the past few weeks I have been installing and learning about xAP. After bugging Michael McSharry every day for 10 days, I thought I would put together an installation guide based on my experiences with installing and using xAP, particularly MCS xAP applications.

      Many thanks to Michael McSharry for his help during my trial installations and for editing this guide.

      mcs xAP Application Installation



        Thank you for providing the MCS xAP Applications Installation Guide.

        Great stuff!

        I am heading towards using the data collections and charting pieces in the next few weeks.
        - Pete

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