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xapmcsWOL xAP Node

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    xapmcsWOL xAP Node

    xAP application with a browser interface that will establish MAC/IP relationships and then enable WOL, Shutdown, Restart control from browser for computers on the LAN.

    PR 1 1.1.18 Sort IP numeric rather than ascii
    PR 2 1.1.18 Populate local computer MAC automatically
    PR 3 1.1.19 Showed input for ReadMessage when error produced
    PR 4 1.2.0 Add multiple subnet specification

    Download available from
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    still alive?

    Hi Is this plugin still working? I am interesting in shutting down and WOL my MCE HTPC computer from homeseer.
    Does this need any install on the target computer?
    Jakob Sand, I automate everything!


      I use it. It does not require anything on the target computer for the wake (WOL) function, but it does require the xapmcsProcess node for the shutdown/restart ones as. If any xap node is running on the target then the target also needs an xap hub. If your only desire is for wake then it can be done without anything on the target assuming your motherboard on the target supports the WOL function.