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    xapmcsSpykee is an application that is xAP enabled to control of the Spykee robot. It contains a Window form for interactive control and uses the XapBSC schema for automated control. Supported commands and status are listed below. A user manual is included with the download.


    Version History
    PR 1 1.0.1 Subaddress field spykee name spelled as skypee
    PR 2 1.0.2 File command not recognized via xapbsc

    Download at
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    spykee le retour

    translated text sorry I speak English like a goat
    -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------
    Happy New Year and thank you again for your valuable work, to my great joy I get on this post. Spykee is clear from my closet.

    - Installation program ok
    Test the console command ok
    -launch scenario (run file) ok
    I start the viewer xfx it is the beast!. J opens of HomeSeer plugin (the one that I used for several years and the pilot NETIOM xap)
    -new material
    Then I go into HomeSeer
    No I have no control??
    What method do you use to dock and undock the robot ?

    merci from france
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      The problem that exists is a spelling error in the xap messages for the subaddress field from xapmcsspykee. It transposes the p and k so the name in HS is different that what xapmcsSpykee is recognizing. To correct you will need to do is "D"elete all the previously discovered messages from xapmcsSpykee in mcsXap and rediscover them using the updated version that has been posted.

      Docked is the base device/property. DockedOn and DockedOff are the commands. These will typically be done for testing using Homeseer Device/Status page and the On and Off button for the device code associated with the Docked device that was Accepted via mcsXap. The xAP target address to undock spykee is mcs.spykee.*:spykee.Docked.Relay with a State=Off value in the body.




          event send message to spykee

          everything works perfectly but how to send an event? or trigger the forward motion back

          on the attached figure j tries to "dock" message xap
          What I can not do?
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            You are approaching it awkwardly. For the docking there will be a Homeseer device code at location spykee named docked. From HS events you just set this device ON to dock or OFF to undock. You will not need to format an xAP message as the event action. This features is only needed for non-standard xAP schema.

            For something like move right there wil also be a HS device code created and if you turn this device ON or OFF (does not matter which one) it will send a motion command to spykee. Spykee will move one wheel for right motion for a fixed period of time which is defined in the Spykee firmware, but I think it is a second or two or until another motion command superceeds it. The rate of motion is controlled the by speed device which is another homeseer device code. I believe the brightness parameter in Homeseer sets the speed.

            Motion control via homeseer is problematic because of the various delays and variabilities in time. That is why the path capabiltiy was designed so motion command timing could be included. Even this, however, did not give repeatable results which tells me that the TCP Command to Servo Control timing within spykee firmware is also variable.


              events,scripts,et tout le reste

              hello michael
              Here are the return of my essays

              my setup:

              hspro latest version server 24 / 7, onewire bus for low temperatures, hstouch ... a lot of x10, USB-UIRT .. and many DIY xap I flounder because I speak your language difficulty, the age must be for many, I was born in the 60s

              xap with your plugin for HomeSeer fontions some work

              etc. ..
              No I have not managed to do was swallow Spykee one movement or sound, the buttons are excluded
              I seek an alternative if it is possible to send messages in Spykee xap. for the time being automated via HomeSeer j happens to have the dock and undock a HS event ... j uses the jpeg file in the directory data as a spycam, its refresh rate is good, can be a cgi script for gnere flow for streaming on surveillance, has seen ..

              If I could send a file as a Spykee can be done by the console, message xap! Then I could do this sequence:

              undock ------ rotation 360, no not with broadcast messages ------ return basis

              No project is nice not but I do not know the syntax xap and there may very documents in my language or booked elite al.
              I renew my congratulations for your creations with mcstemperature and mcsmouvement how nice job!

              cordially vincent
              ------- France is under the snow ----------


                When I got back to it I see that the motion commands are only status and cannot be directly controlled. All motion control is via a path file that is defined at a a .txt file and can be constructed from the xapmcsSpykee form and/or text editor. Homeseer does not have a mechanism to send a text file from its UI so this command will need to be sent as an xap event message as you were trying to do earlier with the dock/undock. The actual xAP message that I used for my test is
                Text=C:\Program Files (x86)\xAP\xapmcsSpykee\Data\xapmcsSpykee\FwdBck.txt
                Your message will be slightly different with a change of "NJ06LT3RSYZK1" to your HS computer, "MCS5" to the computer where xapmcsSpykee is running and the file where the motion path is defined "C:\Program Files (x86)\xAP\xapmcsSpykee\Data\xapmcsSpykee\FwdBck.txt"

                In this case the Homeseer xAP Message action would be setup as
                class is xapBSC.Cmd
                target is target=mcs.Spykee.MCS5:spykee.File.Relay
                section is output.state.1
                key is State
                value is ON
                key is ID
                value is 19
                key is text
                value is C:\Program Files (x86)\xAP\xapmcsSpykee\Data\xapmcsSpykee\FwdBck.txt

                I was not correctly accepting the file command so I had to update xapmcsSpykee and reuploaded. It is V1.0.2.

                I not quite certain what you are asking about the video, but the jpg file image of what is being viewed on the xapmcsSpykee form is as "C:\Program Files (x86)\xAP\xapmcsSpykee\Data\xapmcsSpykee\Video0.jpg. The path will be different on your computer depending where you installed xapmcsSpykee. You can copy it to another location for viewing via web browser of other mechanism.

                Just as a reference the test path file I used is below. It contains the commands and the relative time when the command should be issed to spykee. If you want to you can make a set of files for specific motions and define events to invoke them.

                MoveForward	0.117	
                MoveStop	1.309	
                MoveBackward	0.113	
                MoveStop	0	
                File	0End
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                  Ai !!???


                  this is what I sought to move the beast! This opens prospects etonnates, as I have l already said I am no computer, just a tinkerer.
                  Now that the robot moves, I've found an alternative for streaming video with video0.jpg file in the directory data, software webcamXP known as the recovery and treatment, for cons I use good old method of copy with a command back a file instead of Video0.jpg to signal the robot docked kind of copy /-yc: \ xxxxx \ xxxxx \ spykeedocked.jpg c: \ mcsspykee \ xxxxxx \ video0.jpg These methods are "brute force "I agree but my programming skills date back to the z80 assembler brain was more flexible.
                  in the immediate I think that as you succeed in shifting the inteligente the robot on the pc, no need to touch the robot's embedded Linux, which is accessible through the port rs232 3.3v. the analysis of the recovered images and puisance host PC should be sufficient to reach a positive result to make the artificial inteligente. robotrealm has managed to keep a pig pong ball has Spykee the app is in trial here:
                  data processing on PC host breakfast and sending orders.
                  I clear my plate of test microcontroller

                  cordially vincent