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HAI Plug-in - Pre-Purchase?

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  • HAI Plug-in - Pre-Purchase?

    Hi Rob,

    I am a new HS user running a new installation of HS3 Pro and have been utilizing your plug-in for my HAI System. I have been following the development for over a year and finally am able to convert most of my programming out of my panel and into HS3 thanks to your plug-in. Of course I have purchased the HS3 UPBSpud plug-in to achieve a higher percentage of conversion and integration.

    Even though you plan on adding UPB functionality down the road to the plug-in which I suspect would then support HLC, I want to show support for your work. There is no ability to buy your plug-in license within HS3 yet but I see if for sale in the HomeSeer store.

    Is it ok to purchase the plug-in now via the store even though the license is not yet required in HS3 until after the Beta? If so, I assume the registration code would be needed once the plug-in exits Beta.

    Thanks for your hard work thus far!


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    Thanks Travis. As soon as I get outputs and more triggers, I'll move it out of beta and into the paid plugin section. UPB will be next on the list.

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