After reading this post I decided to tidy up a plug-in that I originally created for my own use and make it avalable to a few other forum users that were looking for something specifically designed to work with UK/European Honeywell EvoHome heating control systems.

The plug-in has been in use by a handful of users since early 2018 and I think most of the issues have now been ironed out so I'm now making it available to all, free of charge.

Basically the plug-in connects to the Honeywell TCC service and allows the control of EvoHome heating systems including domestic hot water.

It supports a single TCC account but can support multiple heating systems within that account.

Changes made at the EvoHome controller, TCC web service or mobile app are reflected in the plug-in.

Basic charting of setpoint and measured temperature is included.

It only works with UK/European Evohome systems therefore is fixed at temperature units of Celsius.

More details of the plug-in's capabilities / limitations are available here.

I've attached a couple of device screenshots.

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