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Recent issues with EvoHome

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    Recent issues with EvoHome

    Morning Paul

    Just recently I have had a couple of problems and wondered if you had seen them before and had a fix.

    1. HS Events sets a room with one rad to 22 - the rad sets to 22 and heats up, but the EvoHome controller doesn't update and still sits at 5 which is my custom value

    2. Same scenario but in a room with 2 rads: one rad heats up, the other doesn't and the controller doesn't update. Both rads are associated.

    It seems to be intermittent and it may be coincidence, but I have been replacing a bunch of batteries in the TRVs recently - they more or less all ran out over a period of two weeks!

    I have enabled Level 1 logging this morning so no details yet.
    I also noticed that there is no data in the Fault Log ("No data found for selected criteria!")

    Any suggestions?


    Quick update
    Today, the room with 2 rads - one was on and was was not. The EvoHome controller showed as on at 22

    I set the room back to default (5 degrees) then, after 10 mins back to 22 on the Controller and all was well.

    Also have a couple of these in the log..
    Nov-30 07:25:42 PHEvoHome Warning (httpGet) Exception: The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.

    Don't know if that help?