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PHLocation associated with odd WX-200+ dimmer LED behavior???

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    PHLocation associated with odd WX-200+ dimmer LED behavior???

    I have several WD200+ dimmers and several FC-200 fan controllers (5 devices total)

    I have been experimenting with EGIGeoZone geofencing using PHLocation2 (beta) plugin to turn on lights when I arrive home after dark. In order to test the functionality I created an event that sets the LED's to yellow/blink for all the devices when PHLocation2 shows me entering any geofenced area. This is just a test setup that I plan to delete later. I just needed an event to use as a daytime test of the PHLocation / EGIGeoZone geofence functionality.

    I thought I had nailed it, but then something strange began happening. Seemingly at random times, all the dimmers begin flashing LED 1-3 and 5-7 (LED 4 remains off) and all the fan controllers flash LED 1-3 (LED 4 remains off).

    I created a manually triggered event to reset all the device LEDs to normal mode. When triggered, they act normal until the next random trigger sets them blinking again.

    This just happened again this morning and I haven't left the house, so I don't tink "Geofence Entry" triggered them, but there must be an association of some kind. The behavior only started after I set up geofencing and PHLocation2.

    There are no log entries associated with any of the devices, EGIGeoZone or the PHLocation2 plugin that provide any information about what's causing it.

    Any thoughts on what might be causing this and in particular what causes this group of LEDs to flash???