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Possibility of a GH plugin

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  • Possibility of a GH plugin


    I was hoping you might be able to provide input as to whether it is possible/worth while to develop a Google Home/Assistant plugin for tighter integration with HS; much like your alternative for IFFT.

    Such a plugin (perhaps for GH and Alexa) would allow for greater control over re-syncing devices and being able to map rooms and names correctly.

    Just a curious user..


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    For alexa , all the code could be here. And this works really well . But if alexa web page change something. to bad for you.

    From experience . They only did break one thing in 1 year. It was related to how they detect wich alexa your talking too. That's why I changed from openhab to iobroker ( Iobroker let you access more raw data in json format ... so if there is a problem you can act on it yourself). The openhab binding changed it's code to adapt to this reality and now it's ok.

    here is an example of how I do room awareness with the strings i get from any ECho ( see picture). I changed it a little bit since, but you get the idea.

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      Here’s an exemple: