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  • Unknown user?

    After creating an account, I successfully sent several Pushover test messages from the website to my iPhone.
    I have the user key created and entered in the HomeSeer plugin (copy and pasted from the website).

    I have created the application key on the website and am trying to get that into HomeSeer. At the time of installation, "My HomeSeer" seems to have been pre-loaded with an associated key (not the one created by me on the website--this was just there when I first went to the config page for the plugin). This does not work and I get an app cannot be validated error. The Remove option did nothing. I therefore went into the .ini for the plugin, deleted the My HomeSeer entry, changed it to what I had used when created the app key on the website ("HomeSeer") and copy/pasted the application key into the config.

    I stopped and reloaded the plugin.

    The plugin config page looks fine...user key and app key each agree with website info. App name and app key are the only ones entered in that section and are marked as Default.

    I configged an event in HomeSeer and triggered does my sample task (a voice announcement) but when trying to send the message the log flags an error "Web Exception Response: <!--?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?--><HASH><USER>invalid</USER> <ERRORS type="array"><ERROR>user identifier is not a valid user, group, or subscribed user key"</ERROR>. I have verified my copy/pasted user key is correct.


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    Not sure what plugin you are referring to. Perhaps Pushover? That one is created by MrHappy, not me... mine is called Pushalot.


    Unconfigured PHP Module