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FritzTR04: Current status of phone line

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  • FritzTR04: Current status of phone line

    I have installed the FritzTR064 plugin and it communicates to the Fritzbox without any issues and my call log devices are updated as expected.

    One thing I cannot figure out, does the PI offer a device that shows the current status of the telephone line? Something like idle, incoming, outgoing, active incoming, active outgoing? I was expecting the FritzBox Outgoing root device and FritzBox Incomming root device to reflect the current status, but these devices are never updated.Additionally, the device should show the outgoing / incoming number that is being called or is calling.

    Is something wrong (should the root device do this) or should I create a virtual device my self and update it from the event?
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    The root devices are doing nothing (similar to most Z-Wave root devices). And there is no device to indicate the current line status. Unless there is more demand for such a feature, I suggest to create a virtual device and update it based on event triggers. That way, you can customize it just like you want it.

    Thanks for using my plugin!


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      I have already started on the virtual device and the accompanying events, works as expected.

      How about the csid for the incoming (ringing ibut not yet answered) call, is there an easy way to populate the virtual device with that number?