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P1 Dutch Smart Meter

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    P1 Dutch Smart Meter


    Plug-in for the Smart Meters that are currently being installed all over The Netherlands (and possibly other European countries?) Requires a special Serial or USB to P1 (RJ11) cable.

    • This plugin is for HS3 or HS3PRO. It works with both Windows and Linux versions
    • .NET Framework 4.5 or later, or mono 4.x needs to be installed on your Homeseer machine
    • equires a special Serial or USB to P1 (RJ11) cable. See table below for the correct cable layout.

      Click image for larger version

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      Or just search the Internet for a P1 interface cable. It should look similar to this:

      Click image for larger version

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    There are no additional software requirements. The plug-in can be installed from the HS3 updater, and can be found under the section “Energy Management”.


    After installation and starting the plug-in, go to the configuration page. They are five tabs:
    • Port Settings: Make sure the settings match the Smart Meter installed.
    • General: Set the update frequency (1 minute is usually fine) and if you want the daily totals to reset at midnight.
    • Energy: Settings to configure the HS3 build-in energy graphic
    • Debug: Enable advanced logging, normally disabled
    • Support: How to get support and how to donate


    There is not much troubleshooting. If things don't work, you either have the wrong cable, or the wrong port settings.
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    Release notes

    Release, 02-04-2019
    - Fixed Parent/Child device relationship

    Version, 28-04-2018
    - New: Add gas readings to energy database (optionally, default off). Note that the readings will be logged as kWh!

    Version, 06-01-2018
    - Fix: USB disconnect/reconnect
    - Fix: high CPU utilization

    Version, 09-11-2017
    - Support for DSMR 5.x Smart Meters

    Version, 04-01-2017
    Support for newer Smart Meters (that support a checksum in the transmission)

    Version, 29-12-2016
    - Moved COM port selection to plugin config (workaround bugzilla #2224)
    - Less frequent device updates (from every 10 second to a configurable 1-60 minutes)
    - Update devices/energy only after HS3 has been fully initialized (avoids startup errors in log as well)

    Version, 02-01-2015
    - New: Support gas reading 0-2:24.3.0

    Version, 08-12-2014
    - Linux compatibility

    Version, 10-10-2014
    - Initial version in the Homeseer updater
    - Fix: Startup crash when upgrading from previous version

    Version, 16-09-2014
    - New: Support for Energy graphs (requires Homeseer or higher)
    - Improved: Stability

    Version, 06-04-2014
    - New: If no data is received for 60 seconds, port will be reopened

    Version, 26-02-2014
    - New: Ability to adjust all comport settings to support different smart meter models
    - New: Support gas reading 0-1:24.2.1
    - Improved: COM port handling

    Version, 23-02-2014
    - Test version, for newer smart meters

    Version, 04-02-2014
    - Supports all common electricity and gas readings
    - Min and max values on a daily basis
    - Total usage on a daily basis
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