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A10 - PMIX35, CTX15, CTX35

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  • A10 - PMIX35, CTX15, CTX35


    Plug-in for the Xanura/Marmitek/Haibrain PMIX35, CTX15 and CTX35 A10 interface. Full support for most European A10/X10 modules including last known dim status, status request, shutter support and other specific Xanura features.

    • This plugin is for HS3 or HS3PRO. It works with both Windows and Linux versions
    • .NET Framework 4.5 or later, or mono 4.x needs to be installed on your Homeseer machine
    • A Xanura/Marmitek PMIX35, CTX15 and CTX35 A10 interface


    There are no additional software requirements. The plug-in can be installed from the HS3 updater, and can be found under the section “Lighting & Primary Technology”.


    After installation and starting the plug-in, go to the configuration page. They are five tabs:
    • Interface settings: Select your interface type, and leave the Transmit Voltage to max unless you have specific requirements. Leave the send position to 0 degrees, otherwise you will have problems with the interface.
    • Housecodes: Select the housecodes the plugin should respond to.
    • Device Settings: Select device properties. Hover over the settings to get additional info.
    • Debug: Leave all settings to Off, unless you want a LOT of information in the logfile.
    • Support: How to get support and how to donate


    If anything doesn’t work, you can try one the following:
    • Make sure the interface works with the PMIX35 utility.
    • Check if the correct COM port is selected.
    • Check if the Interface settings are correct (see Configuration)
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    Release notes

    Version, 10-02-2015
    - Fix: Received CTX15/35 commands not properly processed
    - Improved: Handling of multiple receive commands on same line
    - New: Additional debug options
    - New: Added support links in plugin setup

    Version, 09-01-2015
    - New: added trigger and action "All Units Off"
    - Fix: Erratic behavior on trigger and actions that used "All Lights Off" or "All Lights On"
    - Fix: Crash with dim/bgt on a non-preset X10 device (Linux only)
    - Fix: When transmit value has never been changed in the plugin config, the PMIX35 could use the wrong signal strength

    Version, 08-12-2014
    - Linux compatible

    Version, 10-10-2014
    - Initial version in the Homeseer updater

    Version, 01-09-2014
    - New: Check for available updates at startup
    - Fix: CTX15/35 crash at startup
    - Improved: Stability
    - Improved: Image handling. This makes it important to copy all images again when upgrading. Directories have changed, but existing devices will not change unless the device is edited. Custom images will never be updated automatically by the plugin.

    Version, 02-02-2014
    - New: Retry on ComPort failures at startup
    - New: Removed expiration date on plugin
    - Fix: Line echo for SW10 (extended code 03) processed correctly without error in log
    - Fix: Rounding/decimal issue with dim value solved

    Version, 21-01-2014
    - New: Added support for the new way HSTouch implemented the Toggle On/Off feature. Requires HSTouch Server plugin To add support for this feature for existing A10 (dim) devices, open the device and click "Done" on the A10 tab. For existing HSTouch projects it might be required to recreate the button action.
    - Improved: Changes to internal table of A10 devices (removed rescanning on every device change)

    Version, 19-01-2014
    - Fix: Previous dim value of 100% was incorrectly saved

    Version, 19-01-2014
    - New: Load all A10 devices in memory for faster plugin, quicker device selection in events and support for multiple devices with same house and device code
    - New: Handling of incoming A10 commands completely rewritten to support "cross device" setup (ie. switching DAIX12 from SAIX12 or IMX10)
    - Fix: Missing device image on newly detected devices

    Version, 17-01-2014
    - New: Event action "A10: Poll Device" implemented
    - Fix: Removed "StatusDevice" property from SAX35 (SAX35 does not support polling)

    Version, 13-01-2014
    Initial version HS updater
    - Fix: Event triggers and actions displayed the wrong command
    - Fix: Incomplete triggers and actions could crash the plugin

    Version, 11-01-2014
    - New: Support added for X10 motion/status only devices
    - New: MS12A, MS13A, MS14A and MS16A devices added
    - Fix: When you change the device type, the image "changes" to the current device, not the newly selected device

    Version, 09-01-2014
    - New: Remove duplicate HouseCode/DeviceCode in device config
    - New: Report Poll status back to HS3 in GUI
    - New: Only replace default device picture when device type changes
    - New: First attempt to implement ExecA10 function (similar to old ExecX10 function). Supporting NoCmd, All Units Off, All Lights On, On, Off, All Lights Off, Extended, Hail request, Hack Ack, Status On, Status Off and Status Request. Examples: hs.PluginFunction("A10", "", "ExecA10", {"P14", "On", 0, 0, False}); hs.PluginFunction("A10", "", "ExecA10", {"P14", "Extended", 25, 49, False}).
    - Fix: All new devices became A10 devices (even if not clicked "Done" on A10 tab)
    - Fix: Regular dimmers did not switch on but dimmed to full

    Version, 05-01-2014
    - Fix: Could not create or edit any A10 device actions

    Version, 04-01-2014
    - New: Event triggers and actions changed, only relevant options are shown and validation errors avoided by implementing dropdowns for extended data
    - New: Implemented device trigger "All" for Extended data1 and data2
    - Fix: Even better handling and validation of device triggers and actions in events (and to avoid typedef crashes)

    Version, 03-01-2014
    - New: Device images added (existing devices needs reopening and saving on the A10 tab)
    - New: All event triggers and event actions implemented, incl. Extended codes and All lights on and off (existing events will need some rework, sorry)

    Version, 02-01-2014
    - New: Full support for the SW10 through non-standard shutter codes
    - Fix: Switch device off/on multiple times within a few seconds left device switched off
    - Fix: Return to last known shutter position removed as this is only usefull for dimmers
    - Fix: Removed "step up" and "step down" for SW10 and SW12 as these devices respond will full up and full down on BGT and DIM commands

    Version, 01-01-2014
    - New: "Create unknown devices" finally implemented, now works as designed
    - New: Network Impedance, Noise Detection, Noise Level and Voltage Level will only be logged when changed
    - New: All lights on/All lights off implemented (to be used in event actions only)
    - New: Manual extended code support implemented (to be used in event actions only)
    - New: Manual device polling implemented from "Device management" page (asynchronous, interface does not show result but devices will get updated)
    - Fix: Corrected device characteristics for LMM21, LMM22, LMM31, LMM32 and SW10 devices
    - Fix: Extended shutter devices configured with "up, down, dim bright" buttens instead of "up, down, step up, step down" buttons
    - Fix: When step-by-step dim gets to 100%, the device switches off instead of on
    - Fix: Removed the creation of the (unused) status graphics for values -1 and 101 when creating a new device

    Version, 20-12-2013
    - New: Added support for CTX15 and CTX35 (untested, I do not own these devices)
    - New: Access configuration page by clicking on "A10" on plugin page
    - New: Added support for all (common) Marmitek appliance devices (AD10, AD11, AIX, AIX12, AM12, AM12W, AMM31, AMM32, AW12, AWM2P, SAX4, TM13, UM7206)
    - New: Added support for all (common) Marmitek dimmer devices (DAX4, LD11, LM12, LM12W, LMM21, LMM22, LMM31, LMM32, LW11, LW12, LWM1, LWM1P)
    - New: Added support for all (common) Marmitek shutter devices (SMM31, SW10, SW12, SWM1P)
    - New: Added support for the RAIN8X10 device
    - New: Change On/Off to Up/Down for shutter devices (save existing devices from A10 tab again to activate)
    - New: Added step-up and step-down for dimmers and shutters (save existing devices from A10 tab again to activate)
    - Fix: Standard dim/shutter devices (without extended code) support fixed
    - Fix: Header menu was missing from configuration page
    - Fix: Configuration page was too wide
    - Fix: Incorrect device characteristics where retrieved for some devices
    - Fix: Removed "test" log entry
    - Fix: DateTime format issue resolved
    - Fix: Sleep timers more efficient for quicker device response

    Version, 16-12-2013
    - Multi instance plugin
    - Support for all (common) Xanura modules and standard X10 appliance modules
    - Configurable transmit voltage and send position
    - Extended and configurable logging/tracing
    - Configurable which housecodes the plugin should listen to
    - Correct handling of dim levels after switching on (in HS3 or remote module)
    - Full support for shutter modules
    - Works with "Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART driver" version (latest version)