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    Plug-in to get precipitation expectation from weather satellites using the Dutch Buienradar website. It will provide you with graphs and has several event triggers and conditions to anticipate on upcoming precipitation.

    • This plugin is for HS3 or HS3PRO. It works with both Windows and Linux versions
    • .NET Framework 4.5 or later, or mono 4.x needs to be installed on your Homeseer machine
    • A supported location. Only locations in The Netherlands and Belgium are supported.


    After installation and starting the plug-in, go to the configuration page. They are three tabs:
    • Locations: Up to 20 lcations are supported. Click "edit" on a locataion and enter address, number and country. Click coordinates. If the lat/long fields are populated, click save. Don't forget to activate the location.
    • Options: Several graphing and translation options. Enable Speak to have precipitation announced. The last three options should only be changed to troubleshoot issues.
    • Support: How to get support and how to donate.


    There is not much that can go wrong, as long as you supply one or more valid locations.
    If for whatever reason you want to start over, simply delete all Buienradar devices. Note that the "Interface" device (that holds the connection status) also contains all configuration of the plug-in.

    Version, 02-12-2018
    - Fixed: Device value (-1) when no precipitation

    Version, 01-09-2016
    - New: Support for new Buienradar API

    Version, 30-08-2016
    - Fixed: Log flooding when Buienradar API broken

    Version, 23-05-2016
    - New: Configurable poll time (default 5 minutes)

    Version, 05-04-2016
    - Fixed: Speak "now precipitating" when no precipitation expected
    - New: Configurable speak strings to allow translation and configuration

    Version, 26-07-2015
    - Fixed: Plugin crashing after changing system region or date/time format
    - Improved: Exception handling on data received

    Version, 22-07-2015
    - Improved: Script parameter PRECIP_XXYY now rounds (down) to a valid 5 minute time
    - New: Script parameter PRECIP_NOW added
    - New: PrecipitationFirstStop added, as script function and replacement variable in precipitation device
    - Fixed: DeviceImage z-order

    Version, 15-06-2015
    - Fixed: Allow decimals in precipitation triggers/conditions in non-IE browsers

    Version, 02-06-2015
    - Fixed: Crash on incomplete or invalid trigger or condition
    - New: More custom colors in graphs

    Version, 31-05-2015
    - Fixed: Not getting data when no street was entered in config (not allowed anymore)
    - Fixed: Not allowing monitoring to be active without location information in config
    - Fixed: Remove empty records from calculation in triggers/conditions
    - New: Precipitation totals in device advanced view
    - Fixed: New month caused crash

    Version, 29-05-2015
    - Initial version in the Homeseer updater
    - Fixed: Cosmetic issues with triggers/condition setup
    - New: Custom device string with variables (see ToolTip when hovering over the string in Options for possible variables)
    - New: Custom translate "(no) precipitation"
    - Improved: Several minor cosmetic changes
    - Improved: Script variable names to match the device string replacement variables. See documentation for an example

    Version, 28-05-2015
    - New: Triggers and conditions implemented
    - Fixed: Metadata view in device properties on Linux not working
    - Improved: Smaller scale with minimal precipitation
    - Improved: Fake random data

    Version, 25-05-2015
    - Improved: Checking buienradar url
    - Fixed: Cleaning up old metadata records when plug was not running for more than 2 hours
    - Fixed: Not updating graph/parameters device when no precipitation expected
    - Removed: Big picture from interface, instead saving picture to html/Buienradar
    - New: click on graph to see big picture (on seperate page)
    - New: Parameters device now holds minutes to next precipitation (-1 for no precipitation expected)
    - New: Script functions implemented.

    Version, 24-05-2015
    - Fixed: Delete both devices when a location is deleted
    - Fixed: Graph scaling above 5mm of precipitation now working
    - New: Three different graph types
    - New: Select a graph color
    - New: Fake mode (for testing, generates fake precipitation)
    - Fixed: Removed non-working events (will implement proper events later)
    - Fixed: Default big graph on new locations
    - New: Added metadata to device (open parameters device and select "Buienradar" tab)
    - New: Keep 22 hours of data together with 2 hour forecast (for events in a future release)

    Version, 21-05-2015
    - Based on the BUIENRADARGPS plug-in from 'labium'
    - Improved: Removed the C++ graphics code and replaced by a much more simple graph (sorry, my C++ is not good enough, so currently the graph is not as nice as before)
    - Improved: Removed all external dependencies (.dll, .js etc) to make installation a lot more simple, just a single .exe
    - New: Added support for Linux
    - New: Speak and debug optionally