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FRITZ!Box TR064 Error >Failed to connect to FritzBox

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  • FRITZ!Box TR064 Error >Failed to connect to FritzBox

    After 28-06-2019 I can't make a connection with my fritzbox for a call list.

    I am getting the following error in the Homeseer error log:
    Failed to connect to FritzBox (The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send.)

    Homeseer version: HS3 pro version
    FrtizTR064 version :
    Windows version: 10.0.17763 Build 17764

    Done the following:

    - a restart of my homeseer systeem.
    - restart of my Frtizbox.
    - stop and start the fritzbox plugin.

    for now I disabled the plugin.

    But no result, please help 😢

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    Did you change anything in the config of the FritzBox? Especially the port (443 by default, but if you allow external access to your FritzBox it is probably changed) is important.


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      I didn't change anything.
      could it be a TLS problem?


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        I don't think so. I have seen this error often, and almost always is was related to the connection info. Port issue most of the time. I appreciate you didn't change anything, but something must have changed in order it to stop working. Note that ISP could push changes to routers as well.

        Please double check connection info and port info, before we explore other possible issues. Thanks!

        (See also the installation docs, repeat the steps if necessary: Enable "Home Network / Network / Network Settings / Access Settings In the Home Network". I believe port number can be specified there as well. Also Enable the Call monitor by dailing #96*5* on a phone connected to your FritzBox.)


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          I wrote earlier that i didn't do anything.. i have to correct that...
          I saw this evening in my call log that the last received phone call was of 30-06 afternoon. On the 30-06 in the evening i updated the firmware of my Fritzbox.

          I will do what you suggested in the previous comment. I will keep you posted.
          By the way, thanks for the quick replies :-)

          The new FritzOS is 07.11


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            re-enabled access settings and entered #96*5* again on my phone, no result.

            I did some research on the os version of the fritzbox and ran in the following...

            • Support of outdated TLS 1.0 standard to secure FRITZ!OS services in the server role switched off
            I also did a search on the error message, some remarks about this error stated that it could be a problem with the TLS 1.0 isn't supported anymore.
            But i don't know if your plugin uses TLS.


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              I have tested the plugin with a 7490 and firmware 7.11 without issues. So TLS is not the problem.

              Have you opened MyFritz access on your router?


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                I give up. I can't find a solution. Everything looks okay, but i can't get to work.
                only thing what i haven't done is to remove the plugin and reinstall it.


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                  If you allow me to access your homeseer and fritzbox, I can have a look? PM me if you want to continue with this.


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                    removed and install the plugin did not solve the issue.
                    I have disabled the plugin until i have more time or reinstall the system.
                    Thanks for your quick response and testing on the Fritzbox Os 7.11..
                    Dank je wel!


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                      Hi. I did some more testing and run into a c# program thats connects to the fritzbox.
                      and when i used the soap acces to the fritzbox i got the same error: The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send.
                      But i added the following line in the program.cs :
                      ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol = SecurityProtocolType.Tls12 | SecurityProtocolType.Tls11 | SecurityProtocolType.Tls;
                      The error was gone..

                      Question is there more information when the plugin gives the error ? I have activated the Debug log but i cant'find the debug log file...


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                        See PM. I created a test version for you to try with explicit TLS1.1 and 1.2 support. Not sure how this would help as it works for me, but I have seen strangers things...


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                          I tested the test version and it works again
                          Could it be that the logging is different from the version ? I see extra log information.


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                            I don't think so. I added an option to select one or more speakers for TAM playback a few month ago but never released it.

                            Version should be available in the updater in the next few days.


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                              Thanks .
                              Dank je wel