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  • Buienradar triggers

    Hi Stef,

    I came across your plug-in and it looks promising. very nice you took the effort!

    What I don't understand is the way the triggers work.

    This is what the device contains on any given moment. It is raining. So I would except a status/value 0. But it is precipitation in 20 minutes. I assume this is the ending time (time to fist stop). Is this normal behaviour?

    What I am looking for, is the time till it starts raining. Can you explain the way the plugin should work?

    Many thanks!
    Reference ID 2156
    Technology Address Buienradar-0-2
    Status 20 = Dim
    Value 20 = "Precipitation in 20 minutes"
    String Precipitation expected
    Start: 00:00
    Stop: 01:15 (first: 00:20)
    Intensity: Moderate
    Average: 0.80 mm/h
    Maximum: 4.87 mm/h

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    It has been a long time since I wrote this free plugin... but I think it works like this:

    The current device string states it start raining in 0 minutes (so it is raining now). It will stop raining in 75 minuten, however, it will not rain for the full 75 minutes. It will stop in 20 minutes, but quickly thereafter start again. Note that it works with 5 minutes intervall, so it will always be rounded to the nearest 5 minutes.

    In other words, it is currently raining and it will rain again in 20 minutes.

    You can always check the precipitation details by editing the device and select the "Buienradar" tab.



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      thanks for your fast response. It looks like you say.

      But in the plugin there is a trigger for percipitation now. This should trigger when it starts raining. Although I interpretate it like this. And this does not trigger.

      Can you explain why this does not trigger?


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        I agree. It should trigger as soon as it starts to rain. And I have never seen that fail for me.

        Can you show me the complete event (screenshot)?


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          Thanks! The event is a simple test event. IF trigger buienradar = Percipitation now THEN some action. But the device does not become 0.

          The problem however, as far as I can see, is regarding the start of this thread. Percipitation in x minutes is not the time till it starts to rain (so value 0), but as it looks, when it stops. But that differs al lot today because of the raining showers. At this moment the device is:
          Reference ID 2156
          Technology Address Buienradar-0-2
          Status 50 = Dim
          Value 50 = "Precipitation in 50 minutes"
          String Precipitation expected
          Start: 00:30
          Stop: 01:20 (first: 00:50)
          Intensity: Heavy
          Average: 2.30 mm/h
          Maximum: 36.52 mm/h
          I never saw the device become zero today. And that is strange, because as the way the device is build, this is the moment that it starts raining.

          As attachment the buienradar tab of the same moment as the device info. As you can see, the value 50 (likes to) refers to the stop moment. And it counts down as the time elapse. But till now never to zero. It gets a new value, the new stop point of the next shower.

          Can it be, because of a complete fresh install of the plugin, that something is wrong? Or is that not possible? I installed today for the first time, and also reinstalled the devices/restart plugin. But that does not matter.

          Many thanks again!
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            You need to use the specific buienradar events to do that properly. I am away from home but I'll try to send a screenshot later...


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              UPDATE: There is no rain expected within 2 hours at this moment. And as should the device turns to -1. As shown below. But it gets as mentioned above never 0.
              Reference ID 2156
              Technology Address Buienradar-0-2
              Status -1 = Unknown
              Value -1 = "No precipitation expected"
              String No precipitation expected
              Start: -
              Stop: - (first: -)
              Intensity: None
              Average: - mm/h
              Maximum: -


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                Originally posted by stefxx View Post
                You need to use the specific buienradar events to do that properly. I am away from home but I'll try to send a screenshot later...

                Thx! I will wait for that.


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                  Try something like this:

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	buienradar.png
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                    Hi stef,

                    THX! I found them. And the plugin is working very great!!