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Buienradar success?

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  • Buienradar success?

    Hi folks, has anyone managed to get this plug-in working?
    I have it installed in my Hometroller Zee S2 with two geo locations entered (Toronto and Pickering) but it doesn't seem to obtain any precipitation data.
    Just had some rain, including a downpour go through here but it hasn't registered any rainfall in the past, or future forecast.
    Is there a secret handshake required to activate it?

    Update: Wait - I just went into the plug-in configuration screen and checked/enabled the fake precipitation setting and that seemed to show activity (likely for testing), but for real data, it doesn't seem to be pulling anything in.

    The potential use cases are appealing - if there's rain in the immediate forecast, I could prevent my lawn sprinklers from watering etc.

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    Hi Steve,

    It will only work if your location is supported by the Buienradar API/website. Assuming your location GTA means Greater Toronto Area, I am pretty sure that location is not supported. Sorry...


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      Thanks for advising. That's too bad - seemed like a great and useful plug-in.
      I will look for some others that support Canada.
      Have a great weekend!