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4 of 8 relay board

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  • 4 of 8 relay board

    I'm making a mosquito spray system and want to control it with HS. I believe the best way to control 12v valves and pumps would be with a relay board. Does anyone have a suggestion on a relay 4 or 8 relay board that either has a plug-in or can be controlled by script?

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    I was looking at this board any input?


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      The serial relay board would certainly work, but it is going to require script writing and lots of coding to control it and poll its status.

      I use the ADIO-100.
      VERY reliable.
      (not extremely fast, but we are talking valves right...)

      It has 8 outputs. (voltage outs-suited for controlling "stuff")
      I use the outputs to trigger the input channels on a (8-ch ARDUINO Relay Board)
      (there is also 8-input channels on the ADIO-100, perfectly suited for valve feedback if desired)

      12volt relay board is best, and power the relay board from the unregulated terminal of the ADIO-100.

      (actually mine is much more complex and uses 10 ADIO-100's)

      But that's all you need.

      What type of valves you using> The cheap motorized 12vdc valves on ebay or aliexpress are superbly compatible. But there are two types of valves:
      1. reverse polarity to open/close
      2. voltage present opens, closes when voltage is removed.
      (uses internal ultracap to power during closure)

      You would find option 2 easier and cheaper to implement.
      (option 1 requires DPDT relay board, and lots more electrical knowledge)

      FYI:: read my post concerning ADIO-100' s before you implement programming for it, otherwise you may be faced with unpredictable operation during rebooting pc.


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        And a relay board on top of an Arduino?

        With the Arduino plugin the coding is not that hard.