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Issues with Fibaro FGBS-222-US Smart Implant adding child devices

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  • Issues with Fibaro FGBS-222-US Smart Implant adding child devices

    I'm attempting to get two Fibaro FGBS-222-US Smart implants to add child device "Temperature" to support external DS18B20 temperature probes. I'm using the latest Fibaro firmware version 5.1. I have triple checked and all wiring is correct. I've tried including, excluding, resetting to factory defaults and re-scanning many times but to no avail. The closest I have ever come, after numerous re-scans, is adding the child device "Temperature" on one of the Implants but that turned out to be the Internal temperature sensor. Fibaro Tech support number is a no answer busy tone. These devices would be perfect to monitor freezer and refrigerator temperatures with the external probes. Has anyone had any success using the FGBS-222-US Smart Implants?

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    I’m having the same exact problem also. I have 3 temperature sensors connected and Homeseer doesn’t see any of them.


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      Wondering if anyone has had any success with this device yet? I attach a screenshot of the child devices Homeseer creates when I add the Smart Implant in the hope someone might be able to point me in the right direction.

      Click image for larger version

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        Hi guys..
        Numerous adding/removing do not create Temperature device on the list as shown above.
        IN1/ IN2 and OUT1/OUT2 work good in mode Par 20/21 = 0/1/2/3. Did not tested in 4 & 5 values (don't need for now).
        Have any one get luck with FGBS-222 to read temperature from external DS18B20?
        Any advise welcome. Thank you


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          I have a lot of ideas buzzing in my head of things in my home I could add a Fibaro Smart Implant to... but can't and won't until one of these threads gets confirmation from HomeSeer that device support will be fixed/improved.


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            Been communicating with HomeSeer Support on why some of my AeonLabs/Aeotec devices do not show up fully with all options exposed on a dimmer that is 7-years old with full detailed documentation available from Aeotec/AeonLabs on what each parameter does.

            Reply was pretty much that they require physical access to any device that they fully whitelist and add proper support for. Now from a consumer point of views this sucks, especially with the large volume of devices added to the market, but from a developer point of view I totally understand in wanting to provide the most stable solution.

            Offered to ship a large collection of my AeonLabs devices over, but their main focus right now is on HS4 which I cannot argue against either, so plan to ship them later.

            Until they gain physical access to a Fibaro FGBS-222 device, HomeSeer offers full access to all Z-Wave parameters via the "Set Configuration Parameters" section, and you just select the corresponding Z-Wave parameter from drop-down box, and enter no value to 'read' existing value. Fibaro has excellent support manuals to explain what each parameter does.


            Some devices get set incorrect from factory due to random testing, or in worst case when you get stuck with a returned item that was resold. Or it could be that the factory settings are not correct for your configuration. Skimming through manual I see there are a lot of conditions that could be at play that require a lot of Z-Wave parameters to be configured correctly for the Z-Wave device to report the values correctly.

            Share the results, and it should help diagnose why it is not working much easier.