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Issues with Fibaro FGBS-222-US Smart Implant adding child devices

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  • Issues with Fibaro FGBS-222-US Smart Implant adding child devices

    I'm attempting to get two Fibaro FGBS-222-US Smart implants to add child device "Temperature" to support external DS18B20 temperature probes. I'm using the latest Fibaro firmware version 5.1. I have triple checked and all wiring is correct. I've tried including, excluding, resetting to factory defaults and re-scanning many times but to no avail. The closest I have ever come, after numerous re-scans, is adding the child device "Temperature" on one of the Implants but that turned out to be the Internal temperature sensor. Fibaro Tech support number is a no answer busy tone. These devices would be perfect to monitor freezer and refrigerator temperatures with the external probes. Has anyone had any success using the FGBS-222-US Smart Implants?

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    I’m having the same exact problem also. I have 3 temperature sensors connected and Homeseer doesn’t see any of them.


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      I'm having problems with this potentially cool little device too, as posted here:

      Do either of you see any output switches after including in Homeseer? In my case the internal temperature sensor has added as a child device, as has one of the outputs but that's it.


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        Wondering if anyone has had any success with this device yet? I attach a screenshot of the child devices Homeseer creates when I add the Smart Implant in the hope someone might be able to point me in the right direction.

        Click image for larger version

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