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ADIO-100 drops connection

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    Techvet, I found an open Bugzilla ticket for this issue that was opened in 2014 and never resolved. I added my 2 cents worth today in hopes of bringing it back to light. You might want to do the same so they know it is affecting people.

    You can find it here:


      Done! Comment logged.

      BTW, I got the remaining analog inputs running on my Arduino yesterday afternoon and everything remains stable. I really like the device and I could see myself adding more stuff to it. If it keeps working like it is now, I may never want to go back to the ADIO-100!


        I have not used Arduino. Does the Arduino have 8 or 10 bit analog inputs? The ADIO has 10 bits which I like because it gives me 0.25 degree F precision where my previous 8 bit A/D converter only gave 1 degree F.


          The analog inputs are considered 10 bit (0-1053). It took me a while to sort out what actually reads out, but be advised that you'll actually end up with a bit reading that the plug in allows you to convert to a percentage. I take the percentage output and run it through my scripts to get my temp and humidity readings. My script rounds it up to a whole number, which is what I'm after.