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  • ADIO-100 Error Message in Log

    I am getting this error message in the log:

    ADIO-100 error decoding from 0: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: startIndex

    My ADIO-100 is used as digital inputs only to watch dry contacts such as doors, motion sensors, and smoke detector. Everything seemed fine until I placed my garage door switch on the last input port bit 7. All I was doing was triggering an email when the door was opened. The trigger would happen and then sometime later it would trigger again even though the door was still open. The triggers would continue at random intervals until the door was closed.

    The problem later became more frequent when I replaced my Z-Wave motion sensor with a hard-wired alarm system style sensor whose dry contacts were connected to port 5 of the ADIO-100. This sensor is sensitive and is always chattering on and off when people are in the room. This bit 5 input chatter made the bit 7 problem happen more frequently.

    It seems this problem is only related to bit 7. Whenever bit 7 is high (5) and other input ports change state the ADIO-100 reports to Homeseer that bit 7 changed from high to low. The problem only happens when bit 7 is high. I tried disconnecting bit 7 and permanently tied to +5v and the problem persists.

    The above error message only happens if bit 7 is high. I wonder if there's a problem with the plugin not looking at bit 7 correctly. With the garage door switch on bits 0 to 6 it works fine. Right now bit 7 is useless to me and I have to keep it at 0v to prevent the error message in the log.

    HS3 Pro Edition (Windows)
    ADIO-100 Plugin

    8/2/2017 Update

    After more testing it appears this error message is not related only to Input Port Bit 7. I continued to get the error after permanently grounding Bit 7 while Bit 6 changed.

    It seems to be related to the rapidly changing input from the PIR motion sensor. It toggles off and on multiple times as people move about the room. Brief testing showed if I manually rapidly toggled that input then the error would appear. If I slowly toggled the input it did not appear. I temporarily installed a 20 mf capacitor across the input and a 100 ohm resistor in series with the PIR relay to try to dampen the rapid changes.

    I wonder if this error message happens because the ADIO-100 can't keep up with inputs that change state too quickly.

    The other inputs are grounded alarm signals that usually don't change and door contacts that only change at the rate of a door opening and closing.

    I'll report back after more testing.

    8/10/2017 Update

    I fabricated a nice optoisolator board for the digital inputs. My door switches and PIR dry contacts operate the optoisolator inputs with a 5v loop. The open collector outputs feed the ADIO-100 digital inputs. There's a pull-up resistor and LED on each collector. There's a 0.1mf and 47 ohm in series and across the collectors to common. When the doors are closed and no motion all the LEDs are on and all the digital inputs are grounded. The error in the log comes back with frequent PIR activity. My next step is to dampen the PIR activity by extending the PIR signal to perhaps 5 or 10 seconds. Maybe I'll use a 555 for this.

    8/17/2017 Update

    I finally got around to building the pulse extender to convert the rapid on and off changes of the wired PIR sensor to a longer on time. I used a 555 timer and a CMOS inverter on the input. When the PIR triggers the output of the 555 stays on for about 10 seconds, even if the PIR retriggers during that time. So far no errors in the log. It's too soon to tell though. I need to go a few days with no errors.

    8/21/2017 Update

    Since I reduced the rapid on/off chatter of the wired PIR the ADIO-100 error decoding from 0: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: startIndex error messages seem to have gone away. However, I still have that problem that sometimes the ADIO-100 might tell Homeseer an input port that is high dropped to low momentarily when another input port changed state, such as the PIR. I wanted notifications when the garage door opened and set up an event to look at when the device changed and became open. If the door remained open I would get occasional notifications that the door changed to open again even though it was open all along. This happens even when I completely disconnect the door switch from the port and keep it wired to 5v.

    8/22/2017 Update

    The errors are still in the log, only less frequently. For the last one I noticed it happened when I came through the door and triggered the PIR right after. So lengthening the PIR time helped when only the PIR was triggering but other input signals contribute to the problem. Seems like the ADIO-100 or the plugin can't keep up. The error in the log doesn't appear to be affecting anything and it does not appear to be related to the fact that occasionally a high input status can briefly change state when another changes. When my house is vacant and all the inputs are grounded through the closed loops of the door sensors and inactive PIR I get no false alarms.

    I am abandoning this thread and have begun exploring the Arduino solution.
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