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Analog input connections

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  • Analog input connections

    I've looked at the different posts and I don't see where connections for the analog inputs are hooked up. Seems like these are very carefully guarded. I just want to hook up a thermistor and see what the reading is so I can decide if I want to mount it outside. Please tell me where do I hook the 2 wires from a thermistor onto the ADIO-100.

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    From the ADIO-100 manual it appears (I don't have an ADIO-100) all the analog channels share a common ground and so are single ended analog inputs.

    I'd test each analog channel 0 through 7 with a 1.5V battery (+ to the channel, - to the common GND) to confirm all the analog inputs are working before you try anything else.

    Since the thermistor is a temperature dependent resistor, it cannot just be hooked up to an analog input. It must be powered to provide a temperature dependent voltage. It is typically configured as part of a voltage divider and output of the divider would go the analog input.