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ADIO-100 Feature request for HS2: named states

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    ADIO-100 Feature request for HS2: named states

    I'm monitoring garage door statuses with a new ADIO-100. Seems to work fine. However, I'm stuck interpretting "on" and "off". Quick, what does "on" mean: is it open, or closed?

    My previous solution for this problem was a zwave sensor. On that, I could "Edit value-status/graphic pairs", and I assigned suitable icons and "Open" vs. "Closed" as the status.

    I find the resulting events are much easier to read. I don't see a way to assign custom meanings to on or off for the ADIO-100. Please consider adding the capability.


    P.S. I'm replacing the wireless sensor with hard wired because I was getting spurious "the garage has been open for 2 hours" emails when the "close" event would be lost in transmission. I hate to pull wires for something like this, but I'm hoping I'll have a reliable solution.

    First of all raise the door and see if it shows on or off. Then using this in a script change the device string to open or closed triggered on off or on.


      Thanks for the hint. Yes, I figured out which was on and which was off. And then I created virtual devices with nice "open"/"Closed" statuses, created a pair of events for when the real device became on and off to update the pretty statuses, and then expressed all my scripts in terms of the pretty virtual devices.

      However, instead of one device whose statii I can name, I now have:
      1.) the real ADIO device
      2.) A virtual device
      3.) A device status event to set the virtual device open when the ADIO device becomes "off"
      4.) A device status event to set the virtual device closed when the ADIO device becomes "on"

      All of that times three garage doors. That's 3 virtual devices and 6 events that I'd rather not have, amounting to a lot of clutter. BUT, the events are readable. It's worth it, I just wish I could rename the native ADIO status names.