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Analog Sensitivity - up or down?

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  • Analog Sensitivity - up or down?

    In the ADIO-100 documentation i find the following:
    Analog Sensitivity

    "Due to the sensitive nature of the analog input ports of the ADIO-100 module, extraneous values may be recorded for the analog devices when there is no voltage going through the ports. Depending on how sensitive you want the analog ports to be, you may want to change the analog sensitivity. 40 is the recommended value to adjust for random readings.

    Does anyone know if I need to increase or decrese this setting in order to make the analog readings less sensitive?

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    I think i figured this one out.
    If i understand the behaviour right, then below this value the homeseer device reports zero and updates are not retriggered. 40 (the recomended value) means that analog values below 0.4V is reported as zero and no events are triggered based on value changes.

    I have now made a small redesign of the circuts and it works perfectly.