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ADIO Connect Problem - Solved!

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    I received a welcome response from the Help Desk. They asked me to send the M100.ini file, and recommended I try setting the ADIO-100 baud rate dip switches and port settings to 115200 (on/on). I'll try that tonight and post the results.


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      I received a response from the help desk regarding my ADIO communication problems:

      "You can also try switching the dips switches the opposite way to on/on and change the baud rate to 11520(I believe that is the rate). I have found this has corrected that communications error."

      I changed the dip switches to on/on and set the port to 115200 and the device started functioning normally! I still have some work to do but I have been monitoring a temperatue and an input and everything is working well.

      Thanks to Homeseer for the good direction.


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        Thanks to this thread I also found that I needed to change the dip switches to both ON (115200) for homeseer to recognise the unit.

        I actually wasted a couple of hours which (much to my suprise)turned out to be duff serial cable - which I really wasn't expecting. I used putty and secureCRT on two different laptops with proper serial ports (not usb rubbish) and kept getting garbled data - which looked like a buad rate problem.

        I managed to find another cable and got a small banner appear in putty - so plugged it back into homeseer and it still didn't work - flipped the dipswitches to 115200 and it sparked into life.

        I think the biggest problem is not knowing what its supposed to do - to even understand when its working correctly.

        So here's my experience:
        Set the dipswitches both ON
        Configure the unit in homeseer and set the logging to debugging
        The LED on the unit should be flashing green and red showing data is being transfered - if its just flashing green steadily nothing is arriving.

        A snip from the log when debugging is enabled:

        16/01/2013 16:50:39 ADIO-100 Enqueuing U7
        16/01/2013 16:50:39 ADIO-100 Dequeuing U7 for module 1
        16/01/2013 16:50:39 ADIO-100 incoming message
        16/01/2013 16:50:39 ADIO-100 incoming data= U7000
        16/01/2013 16:50:39 ADIO-100 Analog data= U7000
        16/01/2013 16:50:40 ADIO-100 Enqueuing U0
        16/01/2013 16:50:40 ADIO-100 Dequeuing U0 for module 1
        16/01/2013 16:50:40 ADIO-100 incoming message
        16/01/2013 16:50:40 ADIO-100 incoming data= U01FE
        16/01/2013 16:50:40 ADIO-100 Analog data= U01FE

        When i had a duff cable it would have nothing after "incoming data=" - if I pulled the cable out it would report that it couldn't open the com port, so something was there - just not the correct data.

        I've connected mine to a 8 port relay card I got of ebay (Electronics Salon brand).
        In terms of outputs i've observed the following:
        Output state is remembered(or more accurately restored) - assuming its still connected to homeseer. If you disconnect the serial cable and power cycle, it doesn't restore the state.

        If you start and stop homeseer - state is remembered(restored) BUT when homeseer reloads any outputs that were high, go low and then back to their previous state (all within a second or two)


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          Just purchased my third ADIO 100 - and after messing around for a couple of hours with "unable to open COMxx" - I Started googling and found my own post above.
          Yep - The dipswitches needed to be turned ON.

          For info, I'm using the following 4 port USB serial adapter:

          Which the 2nd one on the system (so 8 rs232 ports in total) - the other ports are used on my LG telly, Denon AMP, APC UPS and SMS modem.