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ADIO-100 on HS3 with Linux

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    Originally posted by Pete View Post
    Curious if you were able to get the plugin to run on your Ubuntu box?

    Here testing the plugin in linux with no device it appeared to run just fine.
    Hi Pete;

    I haven't tried Wine yet. With just the plugin, I get an exception opening up the port to the device.


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      Curious if its a serial or a USB connection and what you see under /devs as a device and if you were using a direct serial or usb-serial connection? I have had some wierd plug n play stuff happening depending on the type of serial to USB device I am using. Sometimes the device doesn't show up and sometimes it does. Many times after the drivers are loaded and a reboot is done I can plug in the device and it sees it right away.

      Here playing with the standard builds of Ubuntu; the box typically see's everything. On the tiny builds of Linux (micro router) I have to install everything in an a la carte fashion.

      Yup wine is a neat way to provide a base for some windows applications. It is lite on Linux using only what it needs. I am writing a DIY below on the use of SAPI 4/5 with Wine on Ubuntu 14.04. My initial efforts had me throwing the "kitchen sink" at the device to get it to work. While I did get it working I lost track of what it was I installed. Built another 14.04 machine yesterday and trying to create a 1,2,3 step methodology of installation of SAPI. I have started to switch the tabletop's running Wintel to Linux a little bit at a time.
      - Pete

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