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ADIO-100 unresponsive on HS3

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  • ADIO-100 unresponsive on HS3

    Cross-posting this issue that I have submitted to the helpdesk in the hope that someone else has experienced and solved this issue with ADIO-100:

    When the ADIO add-in starts up, I get this error in the log file:
    ADIO-100 ERROR Expected Response from Unit Not Received For Command z

    When I execute commands to turn on or off a digital output, I see these statements in the log file:

    May-27 2:04:12 PM Device Control Device: BIT0 ADIO-100 ADIO Unit 1-BIT0 to Off (0) by/from: CAPI Control Handler
    May-27 2:04:00 PM Device Control Device: BIT0 ADIO-100 ADIO Unit 1-BIT0 to On (5) by/from: CAPI Control Handler

    I found that the ADIO module is manufactured by Integrity Instruments (232M100 Series IO Module), downloaded their manual and the EZTerm program that they provide on their website.

    Using the EZTerm program, (on COM4 (the serial port that the ADIO is connected) and at 9600 baud):

    I can do the following:
    T0000 - sets all bits to Output
    G - verified all bits are set to Output

    Connect an LED (with resistor in series) between digital BIT 0 and GND:

    O0001 - the LED lights!
    O0001 - the LED turns off

    Then, I disconnect the LED and convert digital BIT 0 to input:

    T0001 - sets Bit 0 as input
    G - verifies 0001

    I - returns 0000 - confirming that all inputs are 0 (off)

    Apply 5VDC to Pin 0:
    automatically displays I0001 on EZTerm console
    Remove 5VDC from Pin 0:
    displays I0000 on EZTerm console

    So I can verify that the ADIO unit is functioning and communicating correctly with the Homeseer Hometroller S3.

    However, when I configure the same Bit 0 as an output and get the same LED to turn on (just stays off) from Homeseer....nothing!

    FYI...I just upgraded to Homeseer and it made no difference. The version of the ADIO-100 plug in that I am running is

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    I just tired mine have not been using it and it is doing the same, thought it was dead


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      ADIO-100 not working either

      I attempted the same procedure using EZ-Term from my HS3 machine and was able to turn off and on an LED.

      After restarting HS3 and trying to turn on/off the output via HS3, the LED isn't doing anything.

      Is anyone else having this issue? Is the ADIO-100 plugin broken with the latest version FYI, I'm running HS3

      EDIT: After viewing this post,, I set my dip switches both to on (115200 baud rate), updated the COM port settings to 115200 baud, and rebooted the HS3 server. Now, I can control the outputs using HS3.
      Last edited by slbuck; June 28th, 2015, 10:12 PM. Reason: Added link to solution to the problem.