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Monitoring a Paradox security panel

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  • Monitoring a Paradox security panel

    I'm trying to connect an ADIO-100 to a Paradox Spectra security panel using the digital inputs on the ADIO-100 to notify HS3 that a door or window has been opened. I'm connecting ground on the ADIO-100 to ground on the security panel and then BIT0-7 to the zone connections on the security panel for the zone I'm trying to monitor. I've set the digital port as an input port in HS3, but every time I make the connection, the alarm panel thinks that the zone is opened. Voltage measurements reveal a 1.25 v when closed, and 4.5 v when zone is open. The security panel uses EoL resisters at the end of each sensor before connecting to the input on the security panel.

    How do you connect the ADIO-100 to a security panel to be able to monitor the zones?